Elementary Grade Classes

Yoga classes at this level can include partner-postures, concentration and breath work games, moving through flowing postures, and a 5-7 minute focused relaxation time.


Mindful Movers is a children’s yoga class taught by certified yoga instructor and former preschool teacher, Lara Blastick.  Wanting to blend the benefits of yoga with her love of teaching young children, Mindful Movers was created!

Our 30, 45, and 60 minute classes lead through story-telling, song and stimulating movement for young children.  Kids will learn focused breathing techniques, basic & safe yoga postures, and participate in playful yoga inspired group participation games.   Your Mini-Mover will have fun while building strength and self-esteem!

  Why Kids Yoga in your school?


  •  Channels healthy energy

  •  Creates a framework  for gross motor  development

  •  Improves self  confidence

  •  Helps manage  emotions

  •  Enhances physical  well-being

  •  Boosts concentration

  •  Reduces stress

Preschool Classes


We offer tailored classes based on the age and developmental level of your students.  

2-3 year old classes use picture books, props, songs, and games to encourage independence.

3-4 year old classes engage yoga through a story, introduce emotions and feelings, sequence a few postures together through sun salutations, ending in relaxation.

4-5 year old classes add more advanced postures along with a longer guided relaxation time.

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