MINDFUL MOVERS travels directly to your school or private space! Adding yoga to your school enrichment program inspires children to be patient, kind, brave, independent, and loving towards themselves and their peers.


   This children's yoga-inspired program was created in 2016 by Lara Blastick. After completing her 200hr Yoga Alliance teacher's certification, Lara began leading her pre-school students through yoga practices and noticed the huge benefits the children experienced. Their energy seemed more focused after the yoga sessions, and they had creative space to move and connect with their bodies.

   Having taught in the elementary and preschool levels for 9 years, she is aware of the social and emotional differences between age groups and understands the limitations of the body within each group as well.  For example, younger students' wrists are soft as their cartilage is developing into bone, so children can be unstable in handstands or donkey kicks and these poses are best introduced after the age of five.  


   Lara has been a practitioner of yoga since 2000 when she enrolled in a yoga course at Indiana University and fell in the love with the practice and its principles of positive self-care.  She currently teaches for Indy Yoga Movement at Fishers High School, The Yoga Studio, and for St. Peter's Preschool.  She is Yoga Alliance certified and will soon complete the Cosmic Kids Yoga training course and certification.


   Most importantly, Lara is a Mom. Admittedly, life can be hectic balancing a household and kids' schedules. She uses yoga, positive thinking, acknowledging daily gratitude, and the connection to her family and friends to balance out life's circumstances. She hopes to instill these values in her students by providing them with tools they can use to create happiness and wellness in their own lives.


"Ms. Lara teaches us sun salutations. And how to balance on one foot. I Iike downward dog the best. It has such a silly name!" -Drake, age 5


"After yoga with Ms. Lara, my son is always excited to show me what he has learned. I love how he is being introduced at a young age to a practice that has so many mind-body benefits."

Emily Neely


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